Beta Theta Pi, not just a house, but a home. Not full of friends, but of family. Not only a collegiate experience, but enduring brotherhood to last a lifetime.

- Stephen Harvey Barrangar - Puget Sound 1991

Betas on Spring Break in Moab, UT

Beta's Annual Ski-A-Thon at Loveland Ski Area

Ski-A-Thon 2013

Intramural Basketball

Greek Olympics 2013

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Keystone Leadership Conference

by Orlando Martinez

Over the weekend of February 7th, eight officers of Beta Phi of Beta Theta Pi traveled to the annual Keystone Regional Leadership Conference for the South Central region in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Keystone Conferences are a part of the Men of Principle initiative of Beta Theta Pi, promoting chapter officer development, goal setting for the upcoming year, and interaction between different chapters of the Fraternity. At the conference, the officers of the chapter alternate between specific officer tracks for the president, vice president, ritual chair, risk manager, recruitment chair, alumni chair, pledge education, and treasurer and general sessions that promote the development of cooperation and vision among the executive committee. In the general sessions, the executive committee was supported in its development by conference coordinator Megan Vadnais and Board of Trustees member Lynn Maddox, Georgia Tech '63.

The Conference began on Friday at 8:00 at night with a welcome to all of the chapters that had made the trip to Tulsa and continued until 12:00 that night with an introduction of each officer to the track that he would follow for the rest of the weekend. Rising early the next morning at 8:00, the officers alternated between executive committee development and individual officer education, learning more about what the General Fraternity expects of each officer position as well as setting goals on their own and honing skills required for each position. For Matt Olson, the newly elected Recruitment Chairman, his officer track "helped [him] step out of [his] comfort zone and really improve skills necessary for recruitment."

After a going till 11:00 on Saturday, the executive committees met with their advisors in a final general session to put all of the pieces of the weekend together. Each officer brought individual goals that he had created in his officer track to the entire committee. All of these goals were wrapped together to create a general plan for the actions of the executive committee for the rest of the year. For Beta Phi, the officers created a plan to increase ownership in the chapter, return to the core values of Beta Theta Pi, and redefine the brotherhood within the chapter. Bringing these goals and plans back from Keystone, President Jordan Daubenspeck was most excited to see the rest of the executive members follow through on their goals for the year. Vice President Justin Fantasky typified the weekend when he said, "Keystone has given me the training and confidence that I need to improve our chapter and strengthen our brotherhood. I build bridges, not walls. I am proud to be a Beta Phi of Beta Theta Pi."

By: Elliot Britvec

Eighth Day of the Eighth Month...

by Orlando Martinez

“…The eighth day of the eighth month of the year 1839…” Happy Founders Day to all Beta brothers around the continent! Today marks the 174th anniversary since the founding of our great and good fraternity and the Beta Phi chapter would like to congratulate all fellow brothers for 174 successful years as a brotherhood.

Top Greek GPA

by Orlando Martinez

Congratulations to the Beta Phi brothers for earning the highest average GPA among all of Greek Life! Our average GPA for the Spring 2013 term was a 3.21 where the all mens average was a 2.95. This is an incredible achievement and a testament to the 60+ brothers of Beta that strongly believe in Cultivation of the Intellect. We are very proud of this accomplishment, but we will not stop striving to improve our GPA for semesters to come.

From the President

by Orlando Martinez

Hello Brothers and Friends of Beta!

My name is Tanner Ottaway and I am the current President of the Beta Phi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi. I would like to welcome you to our brand new website! While Beta Theta Pi has continued to be a top chapter on the CSM Campus since 1908, it is important for us to continue improving and progressing. That is exactly what we are doing with the new website. The new website enables us to better communicate our information with the world. The website showcases everything from the Beta Phi Chapter with galleries, videos, member bios, chapter history, Beta history, and much more. There is also an internal communications part of the website for all of our active and alumni members to connect more frequently. We are very excited for this website and the possibilities it holds.

Now that you know about the chapters excitement over the new website let me share with you all the other great things about the Beta Phi Chapter. Our role currently consists of 1554 members with 65 active Betas. Beta is heavily involved on campus with members being active in MAC, USG, CSM Ambassadors, Peer Mentors, IFC, CSM Budget Committee, and more. The Betas are always a force to be reckoned with on the Intramural Fields, usually fielding A, B, and sometimes C teams. Over the past year we have averaged about 17 hours of community service per member while raising thousands of dollars for different organizations. We are very proud of our accomplishments with “Love Hope Strength”, an organization dedicated to getting people signed up on the Bone Marrow Transplant Registry. Over the past year we have added over 200 people to the list all while finding 10 potential life saving matches.

I think this is enough information for now, but be on the lookout for more information regarding the Beta Phi Chapter soon. Make sure to “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and come check out the website again. I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes… “Being a Beta doesn’t make me better than you, it makes me better than I used to be.” -Unknown

Tanner Ottaway ‘14